In order for Greenfield to get a new library, the City Council must approve a bond with a super-majority vote. That’s 9 votes!

As you know the City is broken down into 9 precincts, each with a Councilmember. There are also 4 at-large Councilmembers for a total of 13.

Take a moment to drop your Councilmember¬† and the at-large members an email or a phone call to let them know you support our efforts. Short and sweet–no need to debate. Just let them know that as his or her constituent (you’re also the at-large Councilmembers constituents) you don’t want Greenfield to miss this important opportunity to invest in our community and that we can’t let a $9.4M state grant slip through our fingers.

The City Council members are:
Precinct 1, Verne Sund, 81 Barton Rd., 413-325-6501,
Precinct 2, John Lobik, 4 Michelman Ave., 413-774-2503,
Precinct 3, Brickett Allis, 300 Wells St., 413-773-8875,
Precinct 4, Wanda Pyfrom, 4 Bowles St., 413-774-6978,
Precinct 5, Timothy Dolan, 77 Hope St., 413-522-1085,
Precinct 6, Sheila Gilmour, 134 High St., 413-387-7454,
Precinct 7, Otis Wheeler, 114 Deerfield St., 413-522-9412,
Precinct 8, Douglas Mayo, 143 Wells St., 413-775-3878,
Precinct 9, Daniel Leonovich,, 28 Holland Ave., 201-563-1677,

At Large, Karen Renaud, Council President, 74 Crescent St., 413- 475-3033,
At Large, Isaac Mass, 248 Green River Rd., 413-774-0193,
At Large, Penny Ricketts, Council Vice-President, 497 Main St., ,
At Large, Ashli Stempel, 277 Conway St., 413-522-3111,

Don’t know what precinct you’re in? Click on the map to download a larger image so you can find your precinct.